Thursday, January 29, 2009

Raster icons !!! LOL...XD

For my raster icons, my theme is geisha ... the 1st icons for setting i using the old gear to represent setting .... the 2nd icons i using a japanese old time camera to bring the japanese culture ... the 3rd icons i using notes to become my ringtone because at geisha times the note are the important survive skill in their life ... the 4th i putting dice with the little geisha, so it represent the thing that geisha entertain themselfs ... the last icons i using the paper fold to represent the message.

i think still need to improve my icon, if any one got free time just can write comment to me. gimme more idea and tell me that my icons weakness haha .... like playing games!!^^

HAppy Chinese NIU YEAr !!!

HAha ... finally holidayz, i have sumtime spend with my family ...
bla bla bla .... But middle of this chinese new year gt assignment really gt a bit of dissapointed
so i try my best to make sure this assignment done before 3-4 DEADLINE ...
ERm ... i think i wish everyone of us Happy chinese "niu" year although is a COw year !!
about my vector icons i need you all to help me to give sum opinion on my icons .THX^^

This icons represent setting.
i using geisha umbrella combine
with the gear style.

In this icons , i combine west and
east thing to bring out the geisha
style that represent camera !!!

In this icons , you can found that
geisha at old time plays cards
so i use Card to represent games.

In this icons , i use bell to represent
ring tone, because at the geisha culture
bell is one of the instrument their play.

in this icons i use kimono dress combine
with message symbolise the old time that geisha
how their communicated with anotehr people.

COlour O.0 !!! MOre AND MORE !!!

proToss photo !!!


steel (transformer) !!




starcraft !!! Omg how he did this !!


ribbon @@

oceanblue style!!

nature ... tree ... grass... bla bla bla

naruto haha!!!

milky ... almost same with baleno colour ..

i like this photo the most !!

lavander !!!

my skin colour !!!

ground like earth, sand !!!

girlz ^^

geisha style ---make up

flame !!! i 'm HOt

cowboys style !! yeaha!!

baleno shirt !!! my brand

DAmn cute this keroro!!! kero....kero ....kero.....

The keroroSKIN COlour !!!

The Jade melody COlour !!!

The Feather cOlour !!!i belive i can FLy!!!

The mO.0Dy colour

The Muted coLOUR X]

i also kinda like the colour combination of this photo

The Petalish Colour XD

The MISt colour ( this colour i like MOSt)

The Fantasy colour

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

10 Thing that represent me ??? Moew!! that right ...

ERm ... 1sT thing in my head that can represent me is clover leaf

because I love peace & friendship between everyone that I

" C A R E "

The 2nd thing that can represent me was this Old Coin 0.0

Actually I am a person that ritual thinking but

I'm valuable...LOLX Kidding only

3Rd Stone that can represent me , ya I quiet stubborn =.=

Born to be 'starburn' like that Blame Who??

A. mum B. dad C.God D.ME

4th .. banana can represent me ... haha because i'm a Half

banana that mean the skin was chinese and inside was

erM... i don't know.... White skin ???

5th So Called " Shy grass " , ya I'm shy when i speak to

people that i not really known. Yiks !!

6th Thing that can represent me were glass

because of i could easily let people hurt my feeling ...haiz

the 7th thing that can represent myself is abacus,

because i like any done in step by step so that it will done

perfectly !!!@@

No.8 thing were Vase , it show that " may see but

cannot touch ", the more you touch you will feel

pain !!! hahah (beware!!Once broken consider sold)

9th thing that represent myself were an empty paper

i am so clear and fresh... ( that mean i know nothing =.=)

between the time at here i need to fullfilled this paper.

The Final thing that represent me were Rum ( Wine )

the Longer your know about me the better understanding

between your and me ... LOLx