Saturday, January 9, 2010

Redesign website project- cellnique

Client website
Cellnique is skin problem solution company website & brand.
the website link is ----> check out this site !!
1st we need to have a gantt Chart for this project

the mood board for the redesign cellnique

below is the site map/flowchart of this website:

there were some screenshot below of this website:-

and the problem i found in this website is

-the website overall colour is too metallic

-very scientific feeling

-the rollover effect is not strong to attract the users

-not easy to navigate

-link are messy

advantages of this website:-

-the information is Nice and clean

-flash to attract the users

competitor website

-nice and clean website

-colour mood are quiet soft and tender

-nice navigation button

-rollover effect are interesting

-information are very neat and readable

-the identity of the brand is strong

-the colour mood suit the elegent

-simple and attractive

-easy to navigate

-typography treament are good

-balance of type and photo

-attractive and simple

-clear table arrangement

-rollover effect interesting

-using element water to bring out the identity

-nice and neat

-very young feeling

-colour mood is nice

-rollover and navigation is attractive

-the consistency of the website

-sound bring a very harmony feeling through the website

Commercial website

this website is awesome

some of the web page is using flash bring the users to interact

-colour mood is nice

-i like the concept using submariners to explain the usage and

the working process

-very futuristic feeling

for this website i also quiet like it

is a website about a production company portfoilo

-very cool navigation button

-can let the users to doodle using stick on the website

-bring the beach feeling into the web

-nice graphic

this website is about beer company

-it bring strongly the identity of this website

-the coolest part is when you type on your year of born,it will

appear on the sand

-the website is very gaming feeling to me

- good qualties of photo

the last one will also be a liqoir brand

-using the product to bring out the information

-simple yet nice

-interesting navigation

-simple animation when at the intropage

-very high class feeling when the colour mood is colourless


Blogger noobkia said...

LOL! ur Gantt Chart..

January 10, 2010 at 7:49 AM  
Blogger sharma said...

How can I redesign our website- WITHOUT an expensive website developer?

SEO Sheffield

November 23, 2011 at 7:31 AM  

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