Saturday, January 16, 2010

Strategic Brief for cellnique

Project Defination

For this web redesign project i'm doing about a brand called Cellnique, treatment on skin problem product/brand. Their slogan is Beauty is about the passion of your well-being-Live it Lavishly! I need to propose a new conecept towards enchancing the interface of the brand of my client which is the cellnique. Cellnique is created in 1997 that belief effectiveness of combination of medical and skin care product.In this project i need to redesign the website because of the website overall colour is too metallic, and bring the customer a scientific feeling that not suit the propose of the brand, the rollover effect is not too attractive to the users and also quiet messy in link their website but still the information is neat and clear .I 'm using 8 week timeline to finish redesign it. For the propose of redesigning this website is brin this brand to a higher standard and bring the user to the path & imgae of this brand.

Current Site's Analysis Goals

For this site should bring the users to know about what is the product usage, how to contact the company, explaining the skin problem that people/users is facing, where can the users find this company,what is this product about and more and online buying product. From the web area i think need to improve were rollover effect button need to more attractive, the link of the extra information need to be together, need more animation to bring out the bio-tech feeling, make use of the space in the web( some part is quiet empty), should bring more webbanner and led user to the website, and at the product page of explaning is quiet boring and should try another method to let the user to get attention.

Client's Analysis

cellnique is a skin care product/ skin treatment company,there were 2 mission that this compant wanted, the 1st mission of cellnique company is to creating a platform to materialize of passion in Redefining beauty industry by doing thing difference and professionally. For the 2nd mission of cellnique company is to built an Awesome and remarkable world class organization in the world.
vision for cellnique is to built beautiful lifestyle brand with international Appearence & standard and with cult like communnity.Business target of this company is to the people that having skin problem and need treatment on their skin, and for their market aim is the mainly on women. For this cellnique USP(unique selling point)- which is using the purest natural active ingredient and proven bio-tech in the product formular and treatment proceduces, combination of medical and skincare product. About the position of this product, on malaysia culture base which is a high class product that aim for Asian skin types.

Short & long-term Site Goals

For the long term goal, cellnique is bring the users to trust the brand itself and bring the brand to a higer level class, the user will not misunderstanding about this brand nevertheless built beauty lifestyle brand with internationally.For the short term goal, we can doing a promotion like chiense newyear is coming soon, pull down the price and buy more free more kinda stuff, user also can test to use the product and website can create a game to attract the users to interrect with the web. The place that can increase the business value which is bring more understanding about the brand and show out the latest product and users interect with web itself and also will increase the trust of the brand so that the users can help use promote. For the highlight i thinking, the brand can do some event on the chinese new years that when the customers got a chance to win a price.

Target Audience

For cellnique company their primary target audience which is the people that facing/having some skin problem, following is the women that caring about their skin issue. Customers will know what is the price,usage & infomation of every product through this website, Buyer also can buy the product through online website it is convenience to the users where don't know how to reach to the place of the company. The activity that the users can do on this website is can find a solution problem of their skin problem, know about their skin problem in briefly, what is the usage of each product, whre can you get to our company, the comunnity that the company had, know about the history of cellnique, online ordering and membership of this company. The User can engage with this website by banner, browers, through friend, needs, advertisment, navigate, forum , issues about cosmetic and skin care product and etc.

Competitor' Analysis

For the Primary Competitor is thos high class brand like H2O and blunnis, because the brand were highclass same as the cellnique and also the brand bring many of promotion to the users and the customer in the another way the competitor website is much more better then our website, the information is more clear stated and the image of the brand is even impact.
the secondary competitor were some more cheaper price brand like olay, biore and more, it having a huge threat to cellnique because is easy to use and cheap, although the brand is the secondary but mostly people will choose those simple and nice brand so i think that is the threat to cellnique, thee pervious post is some competitor and our website screen shot, which is more simple discribe on the website.

next week i'm going to show the interface redesign of this website,so stay tune!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Redesign website project- cellnique

Client website
Cellnique is skin problem solution company website & brand.
the website link is ----> check out this site !!
1st we need to have a gantt Chart for this project

the mood board for the redesign cellnique

below is the site map/flowchart of this website:

there were some screenshot below of this website:-

and the problem i found in this website is

-the website overall colour is too metallic

-very scientific feeling

-the rollover effect is not strong to attract the users

-not easy to navigate

-link are messy

advantages of this website:-

-the information is Nice and clean

-flash to attract the users

competitor website

-nice and clean website

-colour mood are quiet soft and tender

-nice navigation button

-rollover effect are interesting

-information are very neat and readable

-the identity of the brand is strong

-the colour mood suit the elegent

-simple and attractive

-easy to navigate

-typography treament are good

-balance of type and photo

-attractive and simple

-clear table arrangement

-rollover effect interesting

-using element water to bring out the identity

-nice and neat

-very young feeling

-colour mood is nice

-rollover and navigation is attractive

-the consistency of the website

-sound bring a very harmony feeling through the website

Commercial website

this website is awesome

some of the web page is using flash bring the users to interact

-colour mood is nice

-i like the concept using submariners to explain the usage and

the working process

-very futuristic feeling

for this website i also quiet like it

is a website about a production company portfoilo

-very cool navigation button

-can let the users to doodle using stick on the website

-bring the beach feeling into the web

-nice graphic

this website is about beer company

-it bring strongly the identity of this website

-the coolest part is when you type on your year of born,it will

appear on the sand

-the website is very gaming feeling to me

- good qualties of photo

the last one will also be a liqoir brand

-using the product to bring out the information

-simple yet nice

-interesting navigation

-simple animation when at the intropage

-very high class feeling when the colour mood is colourless